It’s nearly midnight in Haiti. But it’s the last night for our team. For my teams, this means an emotionally draining night. The children know we leave shortly, and we are stuck in the bittersweet place where we are returning to spouses and family, but leaving friends in Haiti.

Today, we were able to visit the school for one last day and meet new faces and say goodbye to familiar ones from Sodo. Then, a few members of our team were able to go to LaBoule, where Dr. Charles runs the medical clinic. We saw the new building project for a much larger church, and also visited the new medical clinic where he was seeing patients.

As we returned, we were able to spend time together with the children. We had bought rice, beans, and chicken for all of the children to have a big party this afternoon. It is a highlight for me to be a part of such an event.

After eating, we all headed to the famous cascades and waterfall a mile from the mission. The kids love going there and playing in the water and simply spending time together.

But, tonight, although it was horribly sad, and many of the children were crying and weeping, it was still a beautiful picture. Christ commanded us to love one another, and speaking on behalf of every American on our team, we know the Haitian people take that command seriously. In around four hours, we will load up in a vs to head to Port-au-Prince to go home. And at 4:00 am, we will have children standing with us, crying, hugging and finally, praying over us. Sangly Briny, one of our 17 year old boys asked me tonight if he could pray over our team. It humbles me to know the children whom I love dearly, practice their faith openly with us in mind.

I didn’t send an update early tonight, because there were more pressing issues. There were over forty kids who simply wanted to spend time together and fulfill Christ’s command to love one another. And I am blessed to be on the receiving end of their love.