The Body of Christ in Haiti

The mission has a number of projects and ministries, but none of them are as important and essential to the “mission” of MFM as are the churches and pastors.  Each of the churches have Haitian pastors and church leadership.  The pastors are all bi-vocational, meaning that in addition to their pastoral duties, they have another job, such as raising large gardens to feed their families.  Most pastors live in small house without electricity.  They walk most of the places they go, whether to church or visiting people within their congregations.  A few have motorcycles or perhaps a mule to ride.

The pastors meet together monthly at the mission’s headquarters for fellowship, encouragement and training.  They receive a small stipend from the mission, along with offerings from their churches when people are able to give.  Sometimes people give their tithe in the form of food rather than money.

Some of the pastors are young men, while there are others that have been preaching the Gospel for several decades.  All have seen a great deal of physical hardship, as well as experiencing great movements of God, by people getting converted, casting out of demons, and healings.