The Body of Christ in Haiti

 After Pastor Carroll began the ministry of Mountain Faith Mission in the late 1940′s, churches began to grow.  Today, numerous churches now are a part of Mountain Faith Mission across the central plateau region.  Each of these congregations is led by a Haitian pastor who is faithful to teach and train others. A goal of reaching those who are far from Jesus is always on the forefront of their minds.

While their church buildings may not be impressive by Western standards,  it doesn’t take you long to recognize that they have the only thing that truly matters when it comes to church: a passion to worship Jesus. Some of our churches have sound systems and musicians. Others simply have a drum and dirt floors. But each is built on faithfully following and teaching  the Gospel to all who are near.

Most of our pastors are bi-vocational, earning a modest sum by leading their church. Each church also has leadership serving in positions as assistant pastors and deacons.

How your support impacts our churches:


In our churches, many times the seating is the last thing to be funded. Churches are built to give shelter and cover from outside, and people will bring their own seating. While it works, it is far from ideal to be moving buckets and wooden planks in and out of the church just to meet. You,  your family, your small group, or church can build a bench for one of our churches.

$50 / bench 

Pastor Sponsorship

Approximately 80% of Haitians gain money from agriculture, and our pastors are no exception. Many of them bi-vocational, receiving a small salary from Mountain Faith Mission, but they must work to make ends meet. By sponsoring a pastor, you are not just impacting one person, but an entire family, congregation and mission.

$50 /mo.

Church Sponsorship

Like all churches, there are expenses to maintain and grow a church. Sound equipment, building expansion, and building maintenance are all needed in our churches in Haiti. Many of the buildings were built years ago.  Your church can directly partner with a sister church in Haiti, simply by giving monthly to impact the entire congregation.

$100 /mo.