After a long day, we are able to sit and rest. The day started at 3:00 AM in St. Louis, Missouri. Seven people from Calvary Fellowship Church loaded up for the annual trip to Haiti. Mike Prather, Matt Fox, Bob Roskowske, Jamie Harger, and I have traveled together to work with Mountain Faith Mission where I work with the children’s home. This year, we welcome two new faces to Haiti with Nicole Ridings and Eleanor Conley, one of my youth group students. Also joining us are my father in law from Nashville, TN and Casey Lewis from Washington, NC.
Travel went smooth and we arrived in Haiti at 3 pm local time. The ride to Sodo, a little over 40 miles from the airport in Port-au-Prince was smooth and by 6 pm we arrived at the mission.

There’s nothing greater than seeing the children running to greet us as we get out of the van. It’s amazing to hear them greet the returners and immediately hug and introduce themselves to the new faces. And immediately, you can see the heart connections being made as the night progresses. A quick dinner happened, and then we were back at it, walking through the property, catch up with old and new friends.

It’s an experience that is truly hard to describe. These kids have impacted each of us. The joy they bring when getting to serve in Haiti isn’t through their singing and laughing, but it’s simply through spending time together. As we walk and they just want to be there. As they just sit and say nothing.

Haiti is a life changing place. If you have ever been here, you understand. If you have never been able to go, I hope this week you are able to experience some of Haiti each day as our team shares our stories.