Children's Home


Housing over 40 kids in Saut d’Eau, for decades, Mountain Faith Mission has cared for children by supplying safe housing, education, food, and spiritual guidance.

Unfortunately, in Haiti, many families struggle in raising their children to be able to meet all of their needs. The children at Mountain Faith Mission are  unfortunately not exempt to these daily struggles.

The children’s home at Mountain Faith Mission houses between 40 and 50 children at any given time.  While this may sound odd, it is important to understand that every student has at least one living parent who is still present and involved in their lives. A very small number of our students have families who they do not see or communicate with, and only one of our children has lost both parents due to their deaths.

This changes the way that we as a mission are able to function. We are not an orphanage, but instead, offer a way for parents who are facing hardships to make sure the needs of their children are met for short-term, and sometimes, long-term time periods.

While many of our students live at the home year-round and only see their families when mom and dad can afford to come visit, we also have a number of students who live in the home during the school year to receive and education, but in the summer, return home to work in the fields with their families.

This is a complex life that is not often understood through a Western lens, but it works for families in Haiti. One of the long-term goals of our children’s home is to help families be able to find sustainable jobs so their option is not to  send their child to live at the home for any period of time. We believe that the family structure is the best  place for children to live and thrive. But when that structure is not possible, we want to walk along-side the families to help meet their needs.


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