Here are some quick informational facts about Balumette!  




  • Distance from MFM compound in Saut d’Eau to Balumette: 7.25 miles north east as the crow flies

  • Approx. 1.25 miles north of the Atibonite River and the town of Mirebalais (population: 9082)

  • Width of Artibonite River at dugout canoe crossing: 110 yards


  • Elevation of Saut d;Eau: 1130 Ft,

  • Elevation of Balumette: 470 Ft.

  • Difference in elevation between Sautd’Eau and Balumette:660 Ft.

  • Elevation at Artibonite River: 355 Ft.

  • Difference in elevation between Balumette and Artibonite River: 115 Ft.

Church Size:

  • Approx: 30’ Wide and 40’ Long